First-Bone Marrow Transplant Unit in Ghana

First-Bone Marrow Transplant Unit in Ghana

Early November 2019, the First Bone Marrow Transplant Unit in Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa Region has acquired the very first Apheresis Machine for treatment and better management of SCDs and other Medical Conditions.

A total of twelve (12) very sick Sickle Cell Patients have all benefited from free Red Blood Cell Exchange which provided them with immediate relief and was discharged home right away.

We are pleased to inform all Heads of Department/Clinicians about what the Apheresis machine can be used for. The state-of-the-art Spectra Optia Apheresis Machine runs eleven (11) protocols for various medical conditions. Listed below are the protocols/therapies:

  1. Automated Red Blood Cell Exchange

  2. Therapeutic Plasma Exchange

  3. Therapeutic Plasma Exchange- Single Needle

  4. Therapeutic Plasma Exchange- Secondary Plasma Device

  5. White Blood Cell Depletion

  6. Platelet Depletion

  7. Platelet Collection

  8. Bone Marrow Processing

  9. Granulocyte Collection

  10. Mononuclear Cell Collection

  11. Continuous Mononuclear Cell Collection

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