Our BMT Unit

Our BMT Unit

The transplant Unit would function as a non-governmental and non-profit making Ghanaian healthcare brand that aims at revolutionizing patient-care and patient-experiences in the country with advanced treatment, state-of-the-art infrastructure and unparalleled commitment to clinical excellence. We intend to pioneer several path-breaking procedures to offer a new lease of life to patients from Ghana and other sub-Sahara African nations and abroad. Connect with our International Patient Relations to understand more about how we can bring you closer to our personalized, coordinated health care and one of the world renowned medical solutions.

Delivering an excellence of clinical care is our sacred responsibility to each of our patient, and that would continue to be a way of life at the Bone Marrow Transplantation Ghana medical Centre.

Going the extra mile and going that far in the direction no one has to find a cure for our patients.

At our BMT Unit, you and your family would be dealing with a team of highly skilled physicians with passion, commitment and dedication for best clinical intervention. They remain steadfast to discharging their duties at all times.

We ask that all parents, care-givers and visitors remember the following guidelines during their visit:

  • Respect our staff
  • Clean your hands and use the antibacterial gel provided to help prevent the spread of infection
  • Sit on the chairs provided and not on the bed
  • Use public toilets and not those reserved for patients
  • Do not touch a patient’s wounds as it may spread infection
  • Do not share a patient’s toiletries
  • Switch off your mobile phone on the ward as they can disturb other patients and electronic equipment

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