Our impact

Our impact

Technology and Research Advancements

Modern technology plays a vital role in every aspect of our lives and BMTG seeks to harness this technology to improve healthcare.

Pioneering Treatments and cures

Going the extra mile and going that far in the direction no one has to find a cure for our patients is very fundamental to the founding and the establishment of the first ever bone marrow transplant unit here in Ghana.

Dedicated Staff

The staff at Bone Marrow Transplantation Ghana, with passion, commitment and dedication is trained and ingrained with delivering the best of clinical intervention and to remain steadfast and to discharge their duties at all times.

Patient Experience

Delivering a delightful patient experience is at the heart of our efforts. We strive for patients and their caregivers to leave our premises with smiles.

We are key to delivering tomorrow's treatments and cures today. We strive therefore to deliver a high quality, comprehensive and patient-focussed for all our patients throughout their care.

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