Our Mission

Our Mission

What is it that we believe in?


Offer prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and a cure for SCDs and other transplantable disorders in underprivileged communities, reduce financial burden of the Sickle Cell Anemia on families, empower local professionals and foster global advances in biomedical sciences. We also seek to improve the health status of patients living in Ghana by promotion of basic health service and free Medical Advice, provision of free Medications, free HLA typing for SCD patients and their families and free newborn screening tests across the nation. Promotion of awareness, education and training, advocacy, youth participation and empowerment.


To develop BMT Centers in all regions in Ghana between 5 to 10 years because of the growing number of cases with SCDs up to international or global standards. The first BMT Unit at Greater Accra Regional Hospital in Accra-Ghana offering transplantation on a non-profit and sustainable basis. This facility will also focus on SCD prevention, counseling and family support. The center would also be enhancing training of workforce, undertaking biomedical and clinical research works aiming at improving outcomes and quality of life at international competitiveness where all BMTs will be reported to international registries (CIBMTR) for outcome reporting and comparison to global standards.


We are dedicated to performing as many BMTs as possible per year at an affordable price, helping your children and ours lead lives free from SCDs and free from blood transfusions. 

Outcomes will be comparable to international standards but at substantially lower costs, e.g. for matched sibling SCD BMT and half matched BMT but certainly with over 90% cure rates. Other disorders curable by transplantation such as aplastic anemias and high-risk leukemias will also be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Aiming at high standards of medical care; judicious use of resources; accountability; openess and continuing quality improvement; expansion across all regions in Ghana within 5 to 10 years; bring about intervention programmes & supportive care; launch BMT progrmmes accross the nation and in neigbouring countries; reduce the price of BMT for patients who cannot by any means afford it; choose the right protocols; involve national and international associations and other constituencies sensitive to the vision of the project.

BMTG is also open to engaging local institutions and health-providers interested in collaborating and referring patients, as well as promoting research, international partnerships and visibility in peer-reviewed scientific media.

The Foundation is also seeking to formulate strategies and programmes to tackle and address the health related problems of patients, in collaboration with other related sectors and agencies of health programmes and health related activities in Ghana.

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