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BMT Ghana has already performed a substantial number of Bone Marrow Transplants at the BMT Ghana Transplant Unit in Greater Accra Regional Hospital - Ridge

BMT would help millions of Ghanaians and many other African patients who have met our international standard criteria for the BMT.

Indeed! there is a cure to Sickle Cell Diseases and other blood disorders and the only and only established cure is the Bone Marrow Transplant and that is done at the BMT Centre of Excellence in Ridge.

The progress, relieve and the good news BMT Ghana brings to millions of poor innocent children and their families who desperately need the cure and do not have to travel outside the continent for such treatments and cure.

Statistically, every year, one in five of our children experience an SCD problem, and hundreds of thousands of people are struggling. We believe that no family should have to struggle with SCD anymore.

We must also end the stigma of SCD problems. People need our support more than ever before, and the demand for these services is growing on a daily basis.



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