Our Partners

Our Partners


We collaborate with various international governments, agencies, NGOs, private bodies and best faculty hospitals to bring the best and most advanced of healthcare a little closer to you. These partnerships help you find us better, improve credibility and help us reach out far & wide.

BMT Ghana is very grateful to Prof. Dr. Angelika Eggert of Charité  University in Berlin for the continuous support and for the supply of free life saving drugs.

BMT Ghana is very grateful to few individuals and organizations for their tremendous contributions to the start up of BMT Ghana. Because of what you have done, lives of three African young kids with severe SCD have already been saved. BMT Ghana would continue with the good works and this is our promise to our sponsors and partners. We can always be stronger together and prepare for a world where no child’s life is taken away or torn apart by SCD. Like any other not for profit making organization, we run on public and individual supports. This means supports from people like you. One thing for certain is that the innocent children with severe SCD and other blood disoders and their families would forever remain grateful to you.

We thank you dearly.

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