Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors

This is season of tradition of thanksgiving is celebrated all over the world

BMT Ghana don’t just like to take this day as an opportunity to sum up the past year.

We would like to say thank you. Thank you for your support! Thank you for your donation because you have a great deal of sympathy for severe SCD children from socially and economically disadvantaged individual backgrounds that we are able to support few disadvantaged individuals and give the chance for a healthier and a better future.

This is a season of loving others more than ourselves.

Go and make somebodies Christmas season extra special.

MTN Mobile Money: 282515 for as small as your contributions, we still are grateful for your good intensions

Merry Christmas!



As the only Bone Marrow Transplantation Center in Ghana for sickle cell anemia and other transplantable diseases, and because of the growing demand for our services, BMTG relies on corporate sponsors from Ghana and abroad, on foundations and on government partners, all of whom undoubtedly help us deliver health and hope to SCD patients in Ghana. 

BMTG recognizes the importance of its partnerships with corporations and governments for the great shared value and passion, resulting in strong healthcare transformations for SCD patients in Ghana. We are committed to designing strategic programs to create greater societal impact.

It is heart-warming and inspiring to know that there are people with the same passion for helping others through their support for a healthy Ghana. We would not be here without people like you. We are proud to have you as our sponsors.

BMTG wants you to know that we really value your support. We are committed to treating you with dignity and respect and openness; this is our promise to you.

We thank you so much.


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