Our Research Concept - With a plethora of clinical laboratory tests and new molecular methodologies and research in biomedical sciences being added to the clinical laboratory test menu, clinicians are challenged with keeping abreast of the latest in laboratory services. 

contribution as experts in clinical laboratory testing would benefit the clinicians and other health care providers. Utilization of clinical laboratory services and maximizing patient safety by reduction of medical errors. It is therefore critically important to integrate research sciences to promote evidence based practice for patients with complex acute, critical, and chronic illnesses.

supporting a network of research centres of excellence that will share expertise, knowledge and contribute to capacity building in Ghana.

apply knowledge of study designs and statistical methods to the appraisal of clinical and research studies would maximize treatment decisions and patient outcomes using diagnostic and therapeutic laboratory procedures. It is therefore justified that the research scientists could further contribute the following ways;

synthesize new concepts, models and theories through the appropriate application of empirical knowledge and the scientific method to help resolve problems of clinical laboratory and health sciences.

apply the advanced knowledge and technical skills needed to serve as active contributors or leaders in the clinical laboratory science professions.

apply current knowledge to evaluate or design more effective ways to deliver clinical laboratory and health

manage through ordering, interpretation, or supervision laboratory tests that monitor physiological function.

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